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The Passive House – what is it?

It is a building standard, which is energy-efficient, comfortable, cost-reducing and environment-friendly at the same time. Passive House is not some kind of brand, but it is a construction concept, available for everyone and advantageous.

Passive House is the leading standard of energy-efficient houses in the world: energy saving for heating by 75% exceeds requirements set out in the legislation for standards of new construction. Costs for heating are very low, and high prices for energy sources do not have significant meaning for residents of Passive House.

Passive Houses achieve significant energy saving due to energy-efficient construction elements and air handling units. Level of comfort is not being cut down, but increased instead.

It is required that maximum allowable annual rate of consumption of heating energy for residential area will be equal to ≤15 watt-hour (m2-year)

Building construction using passive house technology, turnkey.


One way to get heat from the depths of the earth is to locate the heat pump circuit (probe) in the well, which saves up to 75% of the energy used for


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