Вентиляционный блок Zehnder ComfoAir 180 - 140 м2

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Вентиляционный  блок
Zehnder ComfoAir 180


ComfoAir 180 Datasheet

The Zehnder ComfoAir 180 heat recovery ventilation system is an ultra compact unit which is highly suited to new build and renovation projects for flats or apartments.

The CA180 works around the clock to extract air from wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) and combines maximum comfort with simple operation and high efficiency. It extracts the heat energy which would otherwise have been lost during the extract process and transfers this to the fresh, filtered supply air which is drawn in from outside.

This is done using efficient counter-flow heat exchangers which can recover up to 95% of the heat that would otherwise have been exhausted into the  atmosphere.

Unique benefits - why choose the ComfoAir 180?

  • Compact dimensions making CA180 ideal for installation in a kitchen or bathroom  cupboard
  • The unit can be left or right handed
  • Designed for use with the unique ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct system
  • Offers particular benefits for refurbishment  projects
  • Features an additional supply air connection at the bottom of the unit for added installation flexibility
  • The ComfoAir 180 has been certified as an official Passive
  • House component by the Passivhaus Institute

Physical specifications

Weight: 27kg
4 x 220 x 60mm spigots 
1 x Ø125mm optional supply air connector
Condensate connection:
Internal body - EPP / PA Unit housing - Coated steel
Fans: EC
Standard - G4
Optional for supply air - F7

Performance statistics


   Energy consumption in Watts      

   Unit sound level @ 0m in dB(A)      


















Low  =  airflow setting @ 40% motor speed
Med =  airflow setting @ 60% motor speed 
High =  airflow setting @ 80% motor speed
Max  =  airflow setting @ 100% motor speed 

Intelligent ventilation control for customised year round comfort.

Power is nothing without control! Zehnder ComfoAir units can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock.

These easy-to-use controls range from standard switches to fully integrated LCD displays featuring programmable timers and system status messages. The controllers can be linked with a variety of proprietary.

sensors to enhance comfort and offer total flexibility. By combining Zehnder units with any of the range of Zehnder controllers you are ensuring that the system can be truly tailored to become an integral and autonomous part of the home.

The Zehnder CA180 is designed to integrate perfectly with the ComfoSense control unit.

ComfoSense is a control device specifically designed with the homeowner and installer in mind and can be used with all Zehnder ComfoAir Luxe and Luxe PH heat recovery ventilation units.

More information on the full range of Zehnder control units can be found online at www.greenwood.co.uk

Key features

  • Designed specifically for flats and apartments up to 105m2 (2010 Building Regulations)
  • Comfort ventilation up to 180m3/h at 160 Pa
  • Heat recovery efficiency of up to 95%
  • Low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient EC motors
  • Automatic 100% filtered summer  bypass
  • Controlled by the ComfoSense unit (supplied separately)



Must comply with IEE Regulations


3 Amp

Power supply: Power consumption: Orientation:

230V ~ 50Hz Class II


Minimum - 8W           Maximum - 84W   


Wall mounting

ComfoAir 180 product codes

ComfoAir 180


ComfoAir 180 Luxe


ComfoAir 180 Luxe PH

With pre-heater - a Passive House certified component [2]



Control options and ancillaries

 ComfoSense CS67 control 

unit with mounting box 


  Рисунок 9

ComfoPipe Plus

Twin Duct [1]



  Wireless control unit


  Рисунок 10

ComfoPipe 125 [1]




  Enthalpy heat exchanger [1]

 400 400 039    

  Рисунок 11   

ComfoTube Flat 51 [1]  



  Filter set

- G4

 400 100 090 

  Рисунок 12

ComfoTube [1]




  Filter set

- G4/F7

 400 100 091 




ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct

Super insulated, low profile, modular air distribution system for the ComfoAir 180

The Zehnder ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct modular system provides the perfect solution for apartments and flats where space is at a premium.

Its unique, clever, low profile design also makes it ideal for refurbishment projects where heat recovery has been identified as the best answer to ventilation issues in the home.
A combination of axial and radial sealing ensures a strong, air-tight connection

Combined external wall grille


Extensive simulation testing of the innovative 2-in-1 external grille showed that, even at wind speeds of 5m/s, the recirculation of the intake and exhaust air

 Installation example - kitchen

ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct easily converts to the ComfoTube Flat 51 system for distribution of the supply and return air

Simple maintenance for optimised year round comfort and performance

Heat recovery systems require maintenance at regular intervals during their lifecycle. It is part of the

Building Regulation and NHBC requirements that occupants not only understand how to operate and maintain the systems installed in their homes, but also that the system informs them when this maintenance is due.

Zehnder ComfoAir units are designed to advise end users to check their filters at pre-set times throughout the year. The

message will appear either on the unit’s display or, if the unit is out of regular sight of the occupants, on the separate controller located within the home.

Filters play an essential role in the provision of fresh, clean air into the home. A dirty filter can inhibit the system performance resulting in lower air flow or higher energy usage as the unit increases its motor speed to force the air through the clogged-up filter.

The filters for all Zehnder ComfoAir units are designed to be easily cleaned and replaced. For more information, visit our website at greenwood.co.uk where replacement filters can be purchased and instructional videos can be viewed.

Installation example - kitchen 

Key features

  • Low profile design – only 20cm space required above the ComfoAir 180
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Employs a combination of axial and radial sealing to ensure a strong, air-tight connection
  • Converts easily to Zehnder ComfoTube Flat 51 ducting for all of the supply and return duct runs
  • Exhausts to a unique 2-in-1 external grille for additional space saving benefits
  • Specifically shaped attenuators are also included in the range for added noise reduction
  • Using the ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct, in combination with the ComfoTube Flat 51 system, means that both
  • in-floor and on-floor ducting solutions are possible

ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct options

 Twin Duct - 400mm length1

 Intake and exhaust air duct


 990 328  800

 Spacing rail

 For vertical  installation  above a  unit

 990  328  816

 Horizontal connection  

 box - left 2

 For 90o connection of Twin Duct  to CA180


 990 328  802   


 Short  Attenuator

 990  328  818

 Horizontal connection  

 box - right 3

 For 90o connection of Twin Duct  to CA180


 990 328  801

 Long  attenuator 6



 990  328  819

 990  328  820

 Switching unit       

 For vertical and horizontal  direction changes


 990 328  803

 Combined  external wall  grille 7



 990  430  592

 990  430  591

 Vertical connection           

 For vertical connection of Twin  Duct to CA180


 990 328  805

 Flat 51 4-  port  manifold

 990  328  823

 Joining Set 4

 For connection of

 Twin Duct to Ø125 pipe


 990 328  807


 CK 300  flexible  element

 990  328  821

 Length compensation   

 element 5

 To ensure spaces between  ducting elements are filled    


 990 328  808




Length  compensation element with Twin Duct 1 & 5

Zehnder Comfosystems

Heat recovery ventilation from the experts in energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable indoor climate solutions.

With the continued focus and drive to build highly insulated dwellings, heat recovery ventilation remains the optimal solution for the provision of good indoor air quality throughout the year. Zehnder has more than 40 years’ experience in the development and production of ventilation units and this experience forms the basis of well-considered products and systems which have numerous benefits; energy efficiency, comfort, health, ease of use and integration.

Why choose Zehnder Comfosystems?

Zehnder understands the requirements of high performance buildings and offers a full range of solutions to ensure the perfect indoor climate. Some of the key benefits of choosing Zehnder as your solution partner are:

A full range of whole house heat recovery ventilation units
Products that are independently tested and approved
A range that covers all property sizes from smart, urban apartments to large, luxury dwellings 

ComfoAir MVHR units that meet stringent Passive House standards
Year round comfort with true summer bypass as standard
Outstanding specific fan power (SFP) and heat exchange efficiencies for real rewards in SAP

A unique range of high performance ducting to complete the system solution
An exceptional in-house technical team who can assist with all aspects of your project and are experts on all  
regulations and standards


Zehnder ComfoAir 180 Размер: 904.2 Кб