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Design of passive and energy-efficient house

Design of passive and energy-efficient house differs from typical design in relation to high standards in heat insulation, building configuration, air ventilation system, window fitting, etc.

  • Heating with use of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Ventilation and air handling with air recuperation
  • Power supply with use of Renewable Energy Sources

2.  Schematic design

1. Preliminary drawing (draft offer):
- space-planning decision
- drawings (perspective views in 3D and graphics)
2. Schematic design:
- general data
- list of exterior finish. Performance indicators.
- general layout
- list of hardscaping, driveways, sites
- fronts
- floor plans
- sections
- roofing plan
- general view
- fencing plan
3. Approval of the design in the Department for Architecture.

3. Architectural and building design

   AS - architectural solutions
- general data
- fronts
- plan of layout of technological equipment
- brickwork plans
- front facing schemes
- stairs
- breastplates
- finish plans
- flooring schedule
- floor plans
- balcony rails
- elevator dimensioning specifications
- waste chute dimensioning specifications
- airshafts
- roofing plan
- windows, stained glass windows
- fire escape
- internal partition walls
- metal decorative elements
- doorsteps
- metal decorative elements of landings and doorsteps
- minor components
RCS - reinforced-concrete structures
MS - metal structures
WC - wood structures

4. Engineering and technical part:

HVAC - heating, ventilation and air conditioning
PSS - plumbing and sewage system
EL - electric lighting
CS – communication systems
FA – fire alarm
PE – power equipment
AUT - automation and control
AFE - automation of smoke exhaust system or automation of fire extinguishing

5. “Smart house”

  • design of “smart house” systems;
  • establishment of integrated complex of all engineering systems (security, multimedia, telecommunications, lighting, curtains drives, climate control) and its aligned operation;
  • arrangement of centralized control of equipment from mobile devices or wall panels;
  • programming of operating patterns of all systems;
  • maintenance of systems.
  • Lighting
  • Multimedia
  • Telecommunications
  • Security
  • Climate

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